Cosmetic surgery

Your looks matters – if to noone else just yourself – all the better so. You want that young look? or you want to look better than ever? These are serious self-esteem questions that need to be addressed.

What can you do to look better?

Do some sports, watch your diet and sleep enough! Is that all simple? What if you are still not satisfied… And you need help. Either a psycologist helps you to reinstate your selfesteem or you need to try some alternative solutions.

You can take different kind of medicine or use creams and ointments to start with. If this is still something that does not satisfy your needs than you need to consider cosmetic surgery and other options.

Cosmetic surgery costs

Now, at least you know waht you want. A better look. And you are ready for a surgery if necessary. This is when you find out about treatment costs and you realize that your look may cost you a fortune… Does it?

Plastic surgery abroad

To realite your plan you need to invastigate further options – you may need dental implants, hair transplant or other tpe of surgery. Why not go abroad for treatment? It is cost-effective – no waiting lists, no hassle and you can get whatever you need abroad. This is what LaPorta Health & Beauty offers in its clinics in Budapest!

Choose wisely, go to Hungary for treatment

Hungary is the number one spot in Europe for dental treatments, it is living up to its name in hair replacement surgery as well. And what is more: cosmetic surgery clinics are now accepting UK and Irish patients too. Surgery is done in private clinics and they are not overed by NHS unfortunately – but nothing new in ther, right? This type of surgery is not financed by th NHS at all.

What is for Budapest, Hungary?

You can save 50-60-70% on your local costs of treatment. You are received in a nice environment and in a friendly atmosphere. language barriers is not an issue – private clincs employ staff that speaks foreign languages. Budapest is whithin easy reach – less than 3 hours of flight and you will land in Ferihegy Liszt Ferenc airport in Budapest. Low cost budget airlines run several times a week – you just need to book your flight and accommodation to embark on you way towards your new look…

What treatment, which clinic?

Hair loss surgery is performed at several hair clinics in Budapest – all of them are of high quality. They tend to use the latest FUE technique – not the old-fashioned FUT (strip method) and the surgery is super fast – takes a day or two depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted.

Regarding dental implants, dentures, crowns and bridges – well, it depends. All on 4 is used by most of the dental clinics, immediate load implants is only an option and they use the the best implant systems like camlog, nobel biocare or wieland just to name a few. Dentists are well trained and experienced and the clinics offer 10 year of guarantee for tooth implants.

What makes it a cheap dental treastment or hair restoration in Hungary?

Lower salaries, multi-skilled staff and expertise that make clients a returning patient as part of their satisfaction and good experience. Volume of patients is manageable among the several dozens of clinics – and most of them are trusted and reliable medical establishments that take care of the name Hungarian medical tourism has earned so far.
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